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Daily Maintenance And Maintenance Of Meat Grinder


Refueling problem 

1 The meat grinder normal use of the situation in the next year no need to refuel; 

2 Meat grinder lubricants category for butter; 

3 Refueling hole position: the fuselage top two bolt holes in the rear (the direction of the ground meat part) a bolt hole can be conveniently refueling (must add butter, not the liquid oil). 

Maintenance Meat Grinder Chassis Part of the normal conditions do not need to do maintenance, mainly waterproof and protection of the power cord, to avoid the power cord breakage and good cleaning. 

Ground meat parts of the day-to-day maintenance: each use, need to ground meat three, screw, blade holes and so on, remove the residue and then put back in the original order. The purpose of this is to ensure that the machine and processing food hygiene, on the other hand to ensure that the ground meat components are flexible, easy to overhaul and replacement, blade and orifice plates are vulnerable parts, the use of a period of time may need to be replaced.


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